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Just Another Useless Ebook?

As always, whatever the scenario, there will always be skeptics. Why? It’s because many have been victimized by scammers in the internet. Scams have sprouted here and there making some empty promises on how to earn money from home. Others have gone as far as promising spectacular results on how to make money online without a site.

Holly created the Honest Riches eBook with all her honesty and sincerity. The methods which she outlined in a step by step manner in the eBook are all proven techniques and methods. She used all those techniques and methods herself. Need she say more? Beginners in the internet marketing arena will feel comfortable with Holly’s method of teaching in the eBook.

It is an undeniable fact that there are so many so-called internet marketing gurus out there who just create some eBook with the so-called purpose of helping others make money online. However, these eBooks are just full of fluff and fillers leaving everything else for the reader to read between the lines which is very difficult for the beginners to get started with. It is a sad reality that these gurus are just after the sales of their eBooks making them vultures preying on the innocence of the hapless beginners or newbies. Sad to say, there are just some marketers who give internet marketing a bad name. That is, they just couldn’t resist the temptation of high sales figures which results to abuse on the beginners’ trust in them.

Holly Mann is just the opposite of these so called gurus. Her eBook is intended for the beginners and not for the seasoned marketers. As a sign of her sincerity, she has made a forum in which all those who purchased her Honest Riches eBook can raise some questions. Holly is actively participating in that forum. That’s a sure sign of excellent after-sales service which helps a lot as one goes on learning how to earn money on the internet.

Not only that, there are many essential bonuses which Holly gives on top of her eBook. These are not just some sort of hyped-up bonuses. These bonuses are really useful for the beginners. The eBook is written in a lingo most suitable for beginners.

To top it all, her eBook is priced reasonably. At just $37, one could get a very good value for money with all the honest information Holly espoused in the eBook.

A Source Of Inspiration

Holly’s story is a perfect example of perseverance, patience, and willpower to succeed against all the odds. She has openly shared her biography hoping that others will be inspired by it. Many who were touched and inspired by her true story have developed a strong determination to achieve success on how to make money from home.

When Holly gave birth to baby Joshua in 2005, she wanted to provide a stable environment where Josh could be raised with the best she could give. Her son meant everything to Holly and she wanted to give him a bright future. With that, Holly knows that there is no way she could raise Josh in a way she dreamed of with just her then meager income from her Army pension. So she decided to move to Thailand where she believed her income would be enough for her and Josh’s daily subsistence as well as sustain her internet marketing endeavors due to the much lower cost of living there.

She sold everything she had including her priced Sony VAIO laptop so she could pile up enough finances to buy some plane tickets and start over a new life in Thailand. As she arrived in Thailand with baby Josh in tow, she rented a cheap apartment and procured a desktop computer from used parts. She got it for around $250. Her internet connection was just the snail paced dial-up using the apartment’s shared telephone line. But somehow Holly managed to dodge all the difficulties with her strong determination and in 4 months flat, she was earning $12,000 per month and has maintained that income up to this day.

Holly has fallen in love with Thailand, its people, and its food. She doesn’t have any plans to move back in the US in the near future.

For the internet beginners, Holly’s story can undoubtedly be a great source of inspiration to push on and succeed in making money in the internet world.

Who Is Holly Mann?

Born on September 1st, 1982 in Wisconsin, Holly Beth Mann is the author of Honest Riches - an eBook which teaches the beginners how to make money via the internet. She once served in the US Army but due to an injury, she was honorably discharged. Holly is a single work at home mom from the US, is now currently living in Chiang Mai, Thailand enjoying all the good things which the country has to offer. She has found the people there to be joyful, friendly, and very accommodating. She has also found the innate beauty of the Thai culture and the nature thereat so exotic. Holly Mann has had some experience with the country and its people when she was an exchange student with the Rotary Club when she was 16 yrs old.

Her rather risky move, in terms of daily subsistence, to leave the US was in line with her goal to live with her limited income back then as she struggled to make a living with her measly disability check from the U.S. army. Her story has served as a great inspiration to many aspiring internet marketers who want to earn money online. She has proved that one doesn’t have to be technically savvy to succeed in this line of endeavour.

A Glimpse of Holly's eBook

Honest Riches, a 95-page ebook with no fluff and no fillers – just all highly useful facts, is intended for the novice and intermediate marketers who may be practically clueless or confused on how to proceed with internet marketing and earn money:

  1. Tells one how Holly continues to give after sales support through her own forum which she actively participates;
  2. Understanding Internet Marketing through the use of research, advertising, promotion, and web development. This allows one to create multiple income streams just by working at home;
  3. Search engine optimization techniques – tells how she got her site ranking high in the search engine result pages. She tells how one can do the same thing in a step by step format;
  4. Different proven ways to make money online using Affiliate programs and Affiliate networks. She also tells the readers how to do affiliate marketing either without any Web site or any start-up money;
  5. Tells how non-US residents can make decent living online using Holly’s techniques;
  6. Free Web sites that you can easily setup with no experience;
  7. How to find free advertising that you never knew existed;
  8. Tax preparation information and section for non-U.S. residents on how to circumvent the restrictions they are experiencing in working online & affiliate networks they can signup with.
  9. The eBook is not a get-rich-quick scheme. One has to dedicate some effort and perseverance to succeed using the methods in the ebook.

However, even the experienced and seasoned internet marketers may learn some techniques in the eBook which can be highly profitable. All the methods and techniques which Holly teaches with all her sincerity and honesty are exactly what she used in her highly successful internet marketing endeavour resulting to passive and decent long term-income from the internet or to make extra money which could be quite helpful for the budget.

How The Honest Riches eBook Came About

The No Thank You Rich Jerk Story

The Rich Jerk a.ka. Kelly Felix wrote an eBook called 'The Rich Jerk's Guide to Making Money Online'. It has created quite a stir in the internet marketing sphere for the unorthodox but rather effective methods of marketing being promoted by the eBook’s author. He had a way of conveying things which proved to be effective in how to earn money online to some extent but made many people quite unhappy due to the unethical methods espoused in the eBook by the Rich Jerk.

Holly Mann bought a copy of the Rich Jerk’s ebook, became an affiliate for the ebook, and then promoted her Rich Jerk affiliate site until it got some good ranking in the search engine results pages leading to some good sales numbers. However though, she came to realize that the methods espoused by the Rich Jerk were unethical and that she could teach others succeed in earning money online using exactly her own techniques. As such, she wrote an eBook.

The first edition of the Ebook, named ‘Breakthrough Money Making Secrets Revealed’ previously titled by Holly as ‘No Thank You Rich Jerk’, was priced just less than $20. It was less than 50 pages but it was full of information and facts which made it sell like hotcakes back then. The eBook was subsequently renamed to ‘Honest Riches’. As such, Holly Mann honestly reveals what she did exactly, step by step, to her success in making money online via internet marketing.

The first version of the eBook named 'Breakthrough Money Making Secrets Revealed'
It was a hotly sold item at less than
$20. This version has already been discontinued.

With the changing trends in the internet marketing arena in 2007, the techniques and strategies needed to change a bit in order to cope up with the 2007 trends. Holly Mann then updated her eBook and released the updated version as ‘Honest Riches’ New 2nd Edition in early 2007. This eBook, about 95 pages of very useful information and tips for the beginners, was just actually a remake of the original version. It has continued to sell like hotcakes resulting from the numerous positive feedbacks brought about by the original version of her eBook. Those who were able to purchase the original version are entitled to get the newer version for free.

The 2007 updated version named, 'Honest Riches'. It is just actually a remake of the first version.
It has 95 pages of information, without fluff and fillers. Continued to sell like hotcakes at just

Holly’s Honest Riches eBook series is a useful tool and a best friend of an amateur internet marketer in his goal to make money on the internet. In this eBook, Holly teaches the basics, in a step by step manner, in exploring some options to take as well as determining the potential drawbacks which can lead to waste of time, effort, and money. She also finds that so many so called internet marketing gurus are just after sales and are less than honest. Many beginners who have purchased the eBook, have said one thing in common: that the information contained in the eBook are too valuable for any beginner to take for granted or ignore. They have urged every other beginner to get a copy of the eBook and start pursuing their goal to make money from home. As they say, the right time to act is now…another day passed is another day wasted. As they say…Just Do It.

What Is Honest Riches By The Way?

Honest Riches is an eBook, hype-free, authored by Holly Mann, which has proven to be an essential guide for internet marketing beginners wishing to create a blueprint of success how to make money online amidst the high competition in the internet marketing arena. The eBook basically contains step by step instructions on how to give beginners or those who are just starting out in trying to make money online a very good chance at success in the realm of internet marketing without or little startup costs. However though, just like any serious endeavour, success doesn’t come overnight and would surely need some persistence, hardwork, and perseverance.

The eBook specifically caters to the several questions which may be quite confusing to many internet marketing beginners sometimes otherwise known as internet noobs or newbies who usually feel overwhelmed with the boatloads of information on how to make money online or on how to work at home and earn money. The basic and simple methods contained in the eBook are time tested techniques which any beginner can use to make money online and hope to live one’s dream of financial freedom. The techniques taught in the Honest Riches eBook are exactly those which the author, Holly Mann, used in starting from $900 a month to $12,000 a month in four (4) months flat. That’s quite a feat which any serious individual can duplicate.

To date, the eBook has sold over 25,000 copies since its first edition became available in the year 2005. With that sales figure alone, one might say that the eBook is very useful and successful. Many internet marketing beginners have manifested, through their testimonials, that the guide contained in the eBook have tremendously helped them achieve a high level of success in making money online thereby making them work within comfort of their homes. This is enough proof that the eBook has etched its place in the internet marketing world and has established its credibility without question.

What Holly, a young single mom, exactly did in starting to make $12,000 working online from home in four (4) months flat are all taught in step-by-step method in her Honest Riches eBook.

Honest Riches can be a great guide for beginners who yearn to earn some decent money on the internet and live their dreams of financial stability.

Welcome to Honest Riches by Holly Mann Guide

Thank you for visiting Honest Riches by Holly Mann Guide. Every beginner making some research on ‘internet marketing’ or ‘affiliate marketing’ or ‘make money online’, at some point or another, may be able to bump across the name Holly Mann or Honest Riches and ponder if the eBook is worth their time or not. This site contains information about Honest Riches or Holly Mann which might be useful for beginners who may be contemplating on whether or not to go on ahead purchasing the popular eBook in line with their quest to make money online and earn a decent income via the internet. If you are a beginner looking for some essential tips for success on how to make money online, this site is just the right one for you.

Holly Mann and Honest Riches – Great Tips For The Novice Marketer

The Holly Mann Honest Riches Factor

Have you always yearned to live in an environment of financial stability where you can live your dreams? Get rid of debts? Buy a nice car? Buy a nice boat? Go on a dream vacation? Be able to afford to often dine at posh restaurants? Buy a nice decent house? Achieve financial freedom and stability? Work at home and be your own boss and have huge time to spare? Spend very plenty of quality time with the family? …and so on.

Who doesn’t?

...read on to know how the Honest Riches Ebook by Holly Mann can help you fulfill these yearnings.

A prologue…

On quite some occasions in our daily routine as we live it, we may have stumbled across some fascinating stories and examples of people making a decent living via the internet. We may have come to then think that is it really possible? Or say “c’mon, that’s got to be a big joke or just a hyped up story” or “I ain’t buying that crap of nonsense.”

Well…the big answer is an astounding “yes, it is very very possible” and “no, it’s not a joke nor any hype nor crap”.

These are just normal skepticisms from many people. Plenty of scammers are out there making a killing with their hapless victims. Likewise, there are also so many products out in the internet which promise shiploads of cash but actually delivers nothing not even a cent. We hope that these scammers just vanish from the face of this planet forever.

The ebook’s author, Holly Beth Mann, an American currently living in Thailand, is very real and not a scammer. Holly is really good at SEO and taught the techniques she is using in her ebook. She is a single mom to her son Josh – her most priced treasure, truly honest, kind-hearted, and very down to earth. One can really sense that she is sincere in helping the “little guys” in the internet marketing world. In fact, she is the very reason why her ebook is selling greatly because many have placed a great deal of trust in her.

In the actual scheme of things, while it may not make one necessarily filthy rich unless one get a lucky break and become an internet mogul, internet marketing ventures or some might call it make money online or work at home undertakings, can bring a very decent income. Decent enough to make one be categorized as financially stable…and just working from the comforts of one’s own home without any nagging boss or without the pressing demands of an office job.

However, the proper mindset should not be pegged at those get-rich-quick type of things. There are no such scenarios in the internet world much like the same in the offline world. This must be embedded in the deepest corners of every person wishing to make money via the internet. If you can’t accept that fact or don’t have any determination to make it through, then this venture is not for you.

When one is just a beginner or a novice, he or she often finds it quite difficult to move forward thinking that one just cannot do it and then subsequently gives up as patience runs thin. A beginner may be overwhelmed by the tons of information which maybe encountered leaving them unorganized and confused which then leads to frustration and quitting.

One big fact is that no one is dumb. Everyone is intelligent. The human brain is very capable of learning…but not without some effort. Many people just tend to be lazy and always want some easy way out. The key is to overcome this tendency. The real factor lies in establishing a proper mindset to be able to create some level of dynamism in oneself enough to give some motivation to pursue and achieve something. One has to exert effort to be able to learn. That is the general rule.

Same thing applies to the internet marketing world wherein one can make money online or earn a living from the internet within the comfort of one’s home provided that one has the motivation, determination, perseverance, and patience to do so.

However, despite the massive and raging willpower of a beginner or that of an intermediate marketer to succeed in internet marketing, it is really difficult to push through without some sort of guidance. Without proper guidance, the road ahead will be tough and rough which may eventually make that willpower soften until it fades out into the horizon.

The Honest Riches Ebook by Holly Mann does that for the beginner. It is a guide to give every beginner a good solid foundation on how to do things in the internet marketing world. It is not an Ebook for the more advanced online marketers. It is intended for the beginners who tend to get confused and overwhelmed with the dozens of information which they might be able to come across while browsing and conducting some research on the internet. The main aim of the Honest Riches Ebook is to give the struggling novice a good understanding of the basics and lead him, in a step-by-step manner and in a language suitable for beginners, towards an epiphany of the internet marketing world. By learning the techniques espoused in the Ebook, the beginner can muster some skills into his arsenal and use them to succeed in his or her quest to earn a decent living via the internet just like Holly herself.

Sure, there are some other Ebooks which offer some techniques to earn online cash but actually does not exactly show the struggling beginners how to do it. Worse, those Ebooks carry a much higher tab which is not even close to their content’s worth. Many of them are primarily just after sales and offer no post-sales support leaving the purchasers on their own when they become stuck with their contents.

Honest Riches is an Ebook in PDF format which is really very useful for all beginners and intermediate internet marketers who are not making some decent money online. It is perfect for the individual young an old who has the strong desire and inspiration to change his or her life for the better financially.

It’s salient highlights:

- 95 pages of pure content, no fluff and filler, 100% hype-free; a well laid out path for the beginner to follow;

- definitely a life-changing work at home guide to live by;

- equips the beginner with every essential tool needed to earn a decent living on the internet with little or no startup costs and without any necessary experience;

- takes the beginner by the hand and walks him or her through every method or technique step-by-step;

- a beginner’s best friend and handy companion;

- methods and techniques taught are legit…they really do work!

- strategies are explained in great detail and in a step-by-step format, it’s just like spoon-feeding the reader, these are the same methods and techniques used by Holly Mann in making $12,000 per month up to this day;

- contains a very useful chapter for global marketers who normally face some glitches pertaining to restrictions of payment processors and affiliate networks; explains in great detail how Non-US based marketers can be able to make a decent income just like she did being based in Thailand;

- reveals how the author, Holly Mann, is making $12,000 per month in 4 months flat since starting out from nothing;

- intended for beginners who don’t have any experience, non-computer savvy, and those intermediate marketers who already have some sort of experience online but are just making little to eke out;

- explains in great detail on what Affiliate marketing, search engines, article marketing, directory submission, SEO, research, keywords, niches, websites, non-website incomes are and teaches how to make money online with them in step-by-step format;

- teaches exactly how to achieve residual or passive multiple income streams even without having a website;

FREE UPGRADE POLICY: The author, Holly Mann, continuously strives to update the methods and techniques in her Ebook in order to catch up with the changing paces in the internet marketing arena. Future updates of the Ebook are free to Honest Riches buyers.

56 DAY REFUND POLICY GUARANTEE: If the Ebook is not everything that the author, Holly Mann, say it is or the purchaser is not satisfied with the Ebook, he or she will get a full refund within 56 days upon purchase. That’s how sure the author is about the methods and techniques she espoused in her ebook. If you opt for a refund, Holly will return every cent to you and will only ask what techniques did not work and how they were applied.

Incredible After-Sales Continual Support

The author Holly Mann offers amazing after-sales support:

  • 24 hour/day 7 days a week full support through Holly’s work from home forum and community in which she actively participates to answer some questions; Holly created this forum so that individuals who are interested in working online, those just getting started or already have made some little progress in their online income can network with other Honest Riches purchasers, can ask questions or get some advice;
  • Live chat box for immediate assistance in the forum in case one is stuck and encounters some glitches;
  • Free website setup & installed by Holly and/or her programmer. However, there’s a catch in the sense that one has to purchase hosting at a very minimal cost to get one up and running.

Despite the good things said, is the Honest Riches ebook worth it?

You would never know the answer…ever…unless you put your hand in the hat and get a copy. The right time to act is now. Another day passing by is another day wasted. Over 25,000 of this $37 ebook have already been sold to date since its first edition came out 2 years ago and those numbers keep adding up. Many have been earning quite a decent living on the internet because of the ebook and many have already started to join the bandwagon now and are on their way towards their goal to make money online. Would you wait another day to pass?

One might say, “Hey man, 37 dollars is 37 dollars. If I lose this money to this ebook which might turn out to be crappy or doesn’t work for me, I lose that 37 dollars forever.” Well, depending on one’s satisfaction level, this 37 dollar ebook may not be worth it or might be worth more than a $12,000 per month asset.

In any case, Holly offers a 56-day money back guarantee policy for her Ebook. If the ebook doesn’t live up to its promises as she says it will, one can always ask for a refund!

Despite all that, it is inevitable that many would be left undecided at this very day on whether to get a copy of the ebook or not and opt to think things over for a while or so. That is just fine.

But just think of it this way… 30 years or so from now, when you are looking back at your life, don’t you want to be able to say that you’ve made the right decision in buying Honest Riches?

Or do you want to spend everyday of your life wondering if you were right in not buying it?

Get Honest Riches now... Click here! Many are proud and glad that they did and thanked Holly for all her honesty and sincerity.