Holly Mann | Honest Riches | June 2008

Who Is Holly Mann?

Born on September 1st, 1982 in Wisconsin, Holly Beth Mann is the author of Honest Riches - an eBook which teaches the beginners how to make money via the internet. She once served in the US Army but due to an injury, she was honorably discharged. Holly is a single work at home mom from the US, is now currently living in Chiang Mai, Thailand enjoying all the good things which the country has to offer. She has found the people there to be joyful, friendly, and very accommodating. She has also found the innate beauty of the Thai culture and the nature thereat so exotic. Holly Mann has had some experience with the country and its people when she was an exchange student with the Rotary Club when she was 16 yrs old.

Her rather risky move, in terms of daily subsistence, to leave the US was in line with her goal to live with her limited income back then as she struggled to make a living with her measly disability check from the U.S. army. Her story has served as a great inspiration to many aspiring internet marketers who want to earn money online. She has proved that one doesn’t have to be technically savvy to succeed in this line of endeavour.