Holly Mann | Honest Riches | July 2008

A Source Of Inspiration

Holly’s story is a perfect example of perseverance, patience, and willpower to succeed against all the odds. She has openly shared her biography hoping that others will be inspired by it. Many who were touched and inspired by her true story have developed a strong determination to achieve success on how to make money from home.

When Holly gave birth to baby Joshua in 2005, she wanted to provide a stable environment where Josh could be raised with the best she could give. Her son meant everything to Holly and she wanted to give him a bright future. With that, Holly knows that there is no way she could raise Josh in a way she dreamed of with just her then meager income from her Army pension. So she decided to move to Thailand where she believed her income would be enough for her and Josh’s daily subsistence as well as sustain her internet marketing endeavors due to the much lower cost of living there.

She sold everything she had including her priced Sony VAIO laptop so she could pile up enough finances to buy some plane tickets and start over a new life in Thailand. As she arrived in Thailand with baby Josh in tow, she rented a cheap apartment and procured a desktop computer from used parts. She got it for around $250. Her internet connection was just the snail paced dial-up using the apartment’s shared telephone line. But somehow Holly managed to dodge all the difficulties with her strong determination and in 4 months flat, she was earning $12,000 per month and has maintained that income up to this day.

Holly has fallen in love with Thailand, its people, and its food. She doesn’t have any plans to move back in the US in the near future.

For the internet beginners, Holly’s story can undoubtedly be a great source of inspiration to push on and succeed in making money in the internet world.