Holly Mann | Honest Riches | August 2008

Just Another Useless Ebook?

As always, whatever the scenario, there will always be skeptics. Why? It’s because many have been victimized by scammers in the internet. Scams have sprouted here and there making some empty promises on how to earn money from home. Others have gone as far as promising spectacular results on how to make money online without a site.

Holly created the Honest Riches eBook with all her honesty and sincerity. The methods which she outlined in a step by step manner in the eBook are all proven techniques and methods. She used all those techniques and methods herself. Need she say more? Beginners in the internet marketing arena will feel comfortable with Holly’s method of teaching in the eBook.

It is an undeniable fact that there are so many so-called internet marketing gurus out there who just create some eBook with the so-called purpose of helping others make money online. However, these eBooks are just full of fluff and fillers leaving everything else for the reader to read between the lines which is very difficult for the beginners to get started with. It is a sad reality that these gurus are just after the sales of their eBooks making them vultures preying on the innocence of the hapless beginners or newbies. Sad to say, there are just some marketers who give internet marketing a bad name. That is, they just couldn’t resist the temptation of high sales figures which results to abuse on the beginners’ trust in them.

Holly Mann is just the opposite of these so called gurus. Her eBook is intended for the beginners and not for the seasoned marketers. As a sign of her sincerity, she has made a forum in which all those who purchased her Honest Riches eBook can raise some questions. Holly is actively participating in that forum. That’s a sure sign of excellent after-sales service which helps a lot as one goes on learning how to earn money on the internet.

Not only that, there are many essential bonuses which Holly gives on top of her eBook. These are not just some sort of hyped-up bonuses. These bonuses are really useful for the beginners. The eBook is written in a lingo most suitable for beginners.

To top it all, her eBook is priced reasonably. At just $37, one could get a very good value for money with all the honest information Holly espoused in the eBook.